Hey, this is Marvin Cespedes (or Haru Locke depending on whom you ask). Thanks for stumbling upon my portfolio site. I am an Interactive Multimedia Designer, Front-End Web Developer, and Photographer residing in Chicago, IL. I specialize in building clean, effective, and simple websites for small businesses and clients. I also specialize in search engine optimization, responsive web design and usability testing. When I'm not actively coding, I am either writing about the changes in web and technology, or clicking away at a shutter button.

Feel free to browse through some of the work I have on display below. I do not actively showcase all my projects at any given time, but feel free to email me if you wish to see additional work.

*This site is not optimized for Internet explorer 8 or below. Shame on you if you're using that very browser.


Kyo Locke

A basic portfolio site using Ajax to control content. HTML, CSS, JQuery.

Three Realty Group

A responsive Wordpress realtor site for Three Realty Group. PHP, Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Responsive.


Another responsive Wordpress site for a self-produced blog. PHP, Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Responsive.

Teh Interwebs! I delved into the world wide web for the first time back in 1999, and have never looked back since. Thanks to the amazing professors, tutors, and clients I have had the pleasure to work with, my conquest of being a top-tier front-end developer and web designer has been an incredible journey, but is far from over. Although I mostly build sites for small clients, friends, and family, if you wish to contact me for any quotes, consultations, or advice, I am glad to assist in whichever way I can. You are also welcome to shoot me an email if you want to just say hello, or to send me provocative photos. It's cool, I wont show or tell.



A beautiful dog from Costa Rica.


Posing at Botanical Gardens.


A wrestler from a show at the Congress Theater.

I have been snapping photos for about as long as I have been clicking away on the internet for the first time (though I never took a professional approach to photography until 2010). Photography is primarily a hobby for me but I do paid shoots on occasion for special events, local music venues, and other venues. Because of the infrequency of my availability for photography, I do not actively promote it as my primary profession, but I always offer the ability to photograph for web design work as opposed to using stock image services as an option. My active imagery portfolio can be found on 500px, but if you with to see a larger library, I tend to keep that in Flickr.

Other Work


A self-hosted blog.


A Photoshop painting.


A show I run with my brother.

Writing, drawing, and podcasting are other activities I partake in (because I somehow conjured the idea the web design and photography weren't enough). If you are interested in my rants on the tech industry, LongLiveWeb is a self-managed site where my thoughts reside. I occasionally paint when I feel like decompressing and some of my work sits on Lastly, I have become interested in podcasting and although one of the shows I run with my brother is on hiatus for the time being, our show is expected to return this summer.


Marvin Cespedes

Web Designer, Front-end Developer, Photographer - Chicago, IL

Well, you made it to the end of my site. I'm glad I have not offended you just yet. Again, if you with to contact me for any reason, you can do so by email, or contacting me through any of the other networks I'm on.

I shall impart some wisdom for taking the time to visit my portfolio:
Never wash cast iron pans. You are destroying them the minute they touch soap and water.