Oh Hai! My name is Marvin and I design and develop websites n’ stuff.

I am a freelance frontend developer residing in beautiful (and mostly chilly) Chicago, Illinois. I volunteer as a webmaster for the non for profit organizations, Artists for the Humanities, as well as the The Human Library Chicago Chapter. I am a TA for Girl Develop It Chicago and occasionally tutor frontend development online.

I write for LockeThirtySeven (a Chicago-based entertainment site), occasionally do freelance video/photography work, am on the board of directors for the Human Library Chicago Chapter, and make wicked-good coffee.

Now that we have all the housekeeping taken care of, why don't you tell me about yourself? Or you can pay me to tell me about yourself.

Take some sagely advice before you go...

"Silent farting may help you save face, but it also hurts the people around you. Please toot responsibly."